The Addresses platform becomes GeoData Online and moves to a new site with a full rebranding.

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About the product

Web ADS is a Web-Service that provides access to a database of current non-personalized address data throughout Ukraine with the ability to select the exact (full) address, get GPS coordinates, index, etc. for any home in any settlement of Ukraine through the API

How it works

Problem solving

24/7 access to actual address information (daily check and add data)
The ability to create a client base for further analytics
Incorrect data entry
The ability to create a single base filling logic for internal and external company users
Search for actual address information
Getting GPS coordinates to build route sheets (route for delivery)

For whom

  • Reducing the number of abandoned shopping carts
  • Increasing the conversion of the order form
  • Сorrect customer address
  • Delivery service
  • Logistics optimization by reducing operator workload
  • Correct address with zip code - for error-free delivery
  • City district, the nearest metro and GPS coordinates of the house - additional landmarks for courier
  • Operator centers
  • Accelerate data input
  • Filling customer databases with correct values
  • Manufacturers
  • Ability to integrate correct partners addresses into CRM, ERP and other systems
  • Unified database of outlets from disparate sources
  • Addresses broken down by field
  • Distributors
  • Unified database of outlets from separate reports
  • Correct addresses for segmentation and sales forecasting
  • FMCG
  • For analytics and working with distributors
  • Faster input of names
  • Full address with GPS coordinates
  • Banks
  • Increase the conversion of a service or loan application form
  • Full client address for mail correspondence and reporting
  • Collectors
  • Effective communication with debtors
  • Check for existence of a postal address
  • Developers
  • API with maximum address information
  • Binding to KOATUU code
  • Marketers
  • Correct name, patronymic and gender of a client
  • Full address for mailing and reducing the number of returned letters
  • Combined list of clients from a dozen excel files, without duplicates and errors in contacts
  • Our tariff plan

    20 000 requests
    valid for 1 month
    2 000 ₴ VAT free
    100 000 requests
    valid for 1 month
    7 000 ₴ VAT free
    500 000 requests
    valid for 1 month
    25 000 ₴ VAT free
    1 000 000 requests
    valid for 1 month
    45 000 ₴ VAT free
    1500000 requests
    valid for 1 month
    60 000 ₴ VAT free

    Price of request

    0.05 UAH*

    *Price in Medium tariff plan. On average, 5-6 requests are used to enter one address.

    Address cleaning

    0.57 UAH

    Send us an address string and we will parse it and make sense of it.

    About company

    We are a company Direct Marketing Solutions, since 2012 we have been professionally working with databases of any complexity. We clean, restore, update, connect, divide and do a lot of other magic.

    We have accumulated a huge array of address information, updated it and now we want you to use it.

    > 15 million
    addresses in the database
    > 30
    sources of address information collection
    > 7 years
    work in the market of Ukraine
    > 200
    companies use directory



    № 47456
    Software package "DB Cleaner"
    № 46082
    Address reference service "Directory of Postal Indexing of Ukraine"
    № 57982
    Help service "Reference incorrect values and common errors"
    № 57983
    Reference service "Reference book"

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